Ways to Select the Suitable Type of Ball Mill

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  • Published : April 16, 2012
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Ball mill is crucial equipment for grinding after materials are crushed.Ball mill is the key mining equipment of material to be crushed, and then to smash. It is widely used in cement, silicate product, new building materials. It is an efficient tool for grinding various materials into powder. Ball mill widely applied in cement industry, chemical industry, new building materials, fire-resistant materials, fertilizer, porcelain and glass industry etc.It has two ways of grinding: dry process and wet process. Type selection of ball mill is important,which could affect the operation efficiency directly.We should use different size and type of ball mills according to different specifications.So we could pay more attention to the type selection of ball mill before purchasing.Inevitably,we would have a lot of questions during the operation of ball mill.And we have explained you some questions,and then shared you some effective methods of improving the ball mill efficiency in the news we published before.Here we would like to share the type selection for everyone to improve the efficiency. 1.Select the new generation of reform-type ball mill, with different speed and touch. 2.Possibly, try to choose energy-saving ball mill. 3.Choose big teeth, small teeth of the module, as well as motor or decreases machine manufacturer. 4.According to production requirements, selection the appropriate diameter and length of ball. 5.Better buy the ball mill from the relative professional mill manufacturer. 6 Requires the local manufacturers in your company have a market share. 7.We should know the hardness of the minerals .

8.According to mill price, we should require liner materials and thickness of the steel body. 9.To know the fineness of ball mill that minerals required. Ball mill in India is the important machine. What ever iron ore , gold ore, manganese , tantalite, zinc beatification plant and cement , limestone, marble cut off , talc grinding plant, we all...
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