Subjunctive Mood

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  • Published : May 4, 2012
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1. What they have done _______ useful to the people.

a. are considered b. is considered

c. have been considered d. will be considered

2. Another five weeks ________ necessary for us to finish the work.

a. are b. was c. is d. will have been

3. Hard work and plain living _________ characteristics of the working class.

a. is b. has been c. were d. are

4. Mr. Smith, together with his children, __________ arrived.

a. is b. has c. are d. have

5. There ________ never been hard feelings between the families living on this block.

a. has b. have c. is d. were

6. George is the only one of the brightest students who ________ from New York University.

a. is graduated b. have graduated c. has graduated d. are graduated

7. Here is a message of importance to every man and woman who __________.

a. votes b. vote c. have voted d. is voted

8. Mathematics as well as physics always _________ me a lot of headaches.

a. has caused b. are causing c. cause d. causes

9. Neither Jane nor her brothers _______ a consent form for tomorrow’s field trip.

a. need b. needs c. is needing d. has need

10. The committee _______ among themselves for four hours.

a. has been arguing b. has been argued c. have been arguing d. have been argued

11. The number of articles published on cancer _______ amazing.

a. are b. is c. have been...
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