Malcolm X

Topics: Black people, Malcolm X, High school Pages: 3 (575 words) Published: December 20, 2012
Name: Brandon Kuck Period: 1
10th Grade Research Project Outline Format-2012-13

I. Introduction Paragraph

A. Hook Sentence: Malcolm X was one of the fierce black leaders that gave equal rights to their race

B. Anecdote or Example
C. Background Information: ______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

D. Thesis Statement: ____________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________

II. Early Years

Malcolm Little (later to become El-Hajj-- Malik-El-Shabazz), Malcolm X's earlier life and school experiences are essential to understanding how and why he targeted his social and political vision toward the resurrection of Black people in the United States.

B. Supporting Detail: The murder of his father, a follower of Marcus Garvey, the confining of his mother to a mental hospital, and the eventual break-up of his family by social service agents, drastically impacted Malcolm's distrust of white people.

These feelings were cemented by his earlier schooling experiences, where his classmates, and the White junior high school English teacher that he referred to in his Autobiography as Mr. Ostrowski, repeatedly called him a "nigger." Malcolm notes that disparaging comments such as these "rolled off' his back because he was so used to them and never gave serious thought to the vileness of the comments

D. Supporting Detail: Although elected class president, and one of the top students in his junior high class, when Malcolm expressed to Mr. Ostrowski his ambitions of becoming a lawyer, he was informed that such an aspiration was unrealistic for a Negro....
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