Topics: Michelle Obama, Education, Beyoncé Knowles Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: January 26, 2013
In “Why Do Stars Think It's OK To Sell Soda?”, Mark Bittman, cookbook author and food journalist for the New York Times, states that stars or celebrities will endorse any product, even if that product is potentiality unhealthy, for the right amount of money. Bittman used superstar Beyonce Knowles as an example of this in his article. Pepsi is reportedly paying Knowles $50 million dollars to endorse their product. Bittman argues that this is a strange move for someone he feels is a “politically aware woman”. (Bittman, 2013) Knowles is known to have supported the First Lady Michelle Obama's “Let's Move” program designed to encourage children to move more and fight childhood obesity. According to Bittman, Knowles went from being part of program that she says “addresses a public health crisis” to endorsing a product that encourages a “public health crisis.”(Bittman, 2013) Bittman used phases like, “soda shills” and “desire for dollars” to describe the many celebrities that have had many high profile endorsement deals over the years, showing his negative feelings about their choices. Subjectivity can effect every area of our lives; so it is more than likely, that it might effect our jobs as well. It is important that we do not let our own subjectivity impact the teaching environment of our classroom in a negative way, so we can teach all our students in a positive, respectful manner.

It is important that we do not let preconceived notions or biases effect how we treat the students in our classrooms. This could be problematic in many classroom settings. Sometimes just knowing the behavioral history of a student might effect the way you treat them. Knowing in advance that a student has a history of being aggressive with others might makes us jump to inaccurate conclusions.This is a way our own subjectivity might effect the way we manage a situation in the classroom.

Subjectivity might effect some of the things we might choose to teach or talk about in our classrooms....
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