Effects Rapid Population in Our Educational System

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Rapid population growth in rural areas has confronted rural communities and particularly rural educational systems with the number sudden, large increases student around school facilities and strain budget. The higher the population of school age people in a society, the more teachers are needed to teach the students. Most school attempt to foster positive attitudes about educating and learning. This attitude can shift it high population of the school become distracted by other more negative attitudes and ideas. School needs funds from the community to exist. These communities that have experienced a population growth without an economic growth may find resistance in funding of the school. This can be lead to a lack of funding and insufficient fund to provide enrichment activities to the student and can result in the school becoming boring for students and lack of sports and other activities. School may also find a lack of supplies to cover the students in need. Although education has a significant influence on life, the average education is not the same in different areas. As a result, strategies are being made to resolve the problems. Without education, life would be disastous and detrimental. Consequently, to this day, we are trying or best to make education global and accessible for everyone particularly the poor and the disabled. There are still some places where the inhabitants are almost completely uneducated, causing a serious lack of knowledge. Addtionally, every child should should be given equal opportunities to learn and study. Because the development of a country depends vastly on the standard of education, it must do everything in its power to improve it. Although the educational systems of different countries are not similar but they have to share a common goal which is to provide its citizens a suitable and proper learning.
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