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Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 2

Which type of research design— exploratory, descriptive, or causal—is appropriate for the following examples? Explain why.

* The goal of this research is to discover the real nature of the problem and to suggest new possible solutions or new ideas. Exploratory- research has been conducted.

* A food manufacturer wants to know the demographics of people who purchase organic foods. –Descriptive-it is statistical research.

* A firm is considering hiring American celebrity Paris Hilton to endorse its products.-Casual- Paris Hilton and her reputation will increase profit for them.

* British Airways would like to test in-flight Internet services on one of its regular flights from New York to Tokyo. The company charges $30 one week and $15 the next week.-Casual-explores the effect of one variable on another.

* This type of study attempts to discover answers to the following questions: who, what, when, where or how much.-Descriptive-statistical research that is detailed.

* A manufacturer investigates whether consumers will buy a new pill that replaces eating a meal. Exploratory-research for a product hasn’t been identified yet.

* Cosmopolitan magazine sends out a cover in selected markets featuring a female model to half of its readers and a cover with a female and male model to the other half of its readers to test differences in purchase response between the two groups. Casual-comparing and contrasting.

* A hair-care manufacturer interviews wholesalers, retailers, and customers to determine the potential for new shampoo package.-Exploratory-Surveying customers to see if there products are satisfying them.

* This type of research attempts to capture a population’s characteristics by making inference from a sample’s characteristics and testing hypotheses.-Descriptive-research has been conducted.

* On the CBS...
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