Subject of Study and Importance of the Theory of Architecture.

Topics: Theory, Architectural design, Critical thinking Pages: 5 (1418 words) Published: January 22, 2011

What is it thinking? Thinking is an activity we do naturally and spontaneously, each moment, every day, all human beings around the world during our stay ephemeral passing on this earth.

The reality is something we can perceive with the senses, but the reality is something hidden that will not perceive the senses.

To any reality we get a lot of questions: what, why, for whom is, by whom, etc.. We ask for things we do not perceive the senses. For this explains intelligence, or at least try to explain, unwrap, discover what is hidden. So thinking is primarily answer questions or try to answer the questions that it is intelligence.

Also think about is to calculate or to diagnose what are the best ways to accomplish an objective and what are the consequences of what we do.

Quoting the book, written by Hanno-Walter, K. (1990). History of Architectural Theory. Madrid: Alianza Editorial. Theory of Architecture "is possible to reach a definition concise theory of architecture, if you take the history of the theory of architecture, as the sum of what has been consciously formulated as a theory, in other words, written collection of thought that defines the history of architecture.''

Then we can extrapolate that the theory of architecture is the result of thinking, analyze, devouring the facts, history, and then diluting this process in a response that serves as an anchor from which to understanding architecture and its development and formation and that in its history. Who can analyze the same architectural history to come up with a theory, part of the evolutionary development of that history.

The theory is studied by the history of architecture, appearing to turn this study, making it the result of criticism and architectural analysis. This gives way to architectural theory so that you can mark a period specified in architectural history, from the essential characteristics of this theory were legacies for the same period its own history.

Contrary to popular belief, theories are not only experimental, because if we consider that the purpose of theory is to explain the laws, it is logical to understand that theory can arise from an analytic process, critical thinking from objects, media tangible and sensitive.

Do not forget that the theory, experiential bases, intellectual and individual, not are absolute truths, but are the result of empirical observations and a explain curious. Therefore they are conducive to changes that will be part of the evolution thinking and new points of view that emerged, and continue to emerge to emerge from written history and architecture, adding to the resulting formula story that will emerge as we move forward into the future.

The theory allows us to anticipate. Should enable us to predict how something works. If theories serve to organize knowledge that will be useful, and that order and clarify something possibly we would take to structure and understand ourselves.

It is essential to know the different points of view, in which different theories arise Each architect or theory raised that point, so we can have a real base and impartial investigation into an architectural object or a specific style. Know the theories and available is essential for us to create our own theories. The most important point theories of the past is that somehow help us to know which decisions to make and not so that we avoid the mistakes of the past.

As is noted in the article by P. Acuña, do not forget that the theory when focusing on these sensitive objects, is expressly based on that aesthetic theories made in the analysis of each entity own architectural, characteristic of an era. As aesthetic is the domain of pure looks, the only thing that counts is the impression conveyed by the architecture. Not how are you look is achieved, since this corresponds to the...
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