History of Modern Architecture

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AHow windows fit into a wall.
In the old traditions of the revivalist architecture of the past (pre -1850), there were no windows on the buildings. Instead, what people made in order to let the sun light pass through and let air flow in and out is to leave some gap between columns. As there are gaps between columns, anything can go in and out of the buildings. However, there are some disadvantages of leaving gaps as the windows of the buildings. First, when it is raining heavily or having a storm, wind and rain can go into the building easily which mean everything inside the buildings can be damage. The other disadvantage is that people can go inside and leave easily which mean people can easily steal whatever is inside the building.

As the technology has improved, the way how people fit the windows has changed. People can make glasses easily. They put frame around the glass and put both of them on the wall. Therefore, people can see through the building easily without having the disadvantages that it used to have. BWhat materials are used to build wall?

In the old traditions of the revivalist architecture of the past (pre -1850), the technology had limited the material that people used to build wall. There were no concrete or metal; instead, there were stone only. No matter in which period of time, Egyptian or Greek, the material that used to build the walls are stones only and those stone are big. Furthermore, without the helping of tools, people needed to use a lot of man power to move the stones. Also, it takes times for them to craft stones in a specific shape. This might make the require building time longer and not as efficient as the modern way.

As the technology has...
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