Style Wars

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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In the movie wild style Zorro the main character is expressing his emotions and views in graffiti. With Zorro and his partner rose are very talented and express there’s views so that everyone can hear them, They start off not in the best shape always down in the subways making art all over the walls till one day he was asked to make an auditorium look amazing but the problem is rose gets more into main stream and for getting the true roots on why he started to graffiti with Zorro opposing her and wanting to stay underground because that’s who they are and how nothing can change that. But the problem is Zorro doesn’t want to leave he’s saying that his art is more viewed at and has a lot more people respect it then just writing on the street. By being graffiti artist you are concentered an outlaw and graffiti should never be on canvas. Zorro is very talented but still at the point of not knowing all the ropes on how to get people to show that you’re not just some punk but a real artist and the rapper is trying to show Zorro that he can make money a life with his work if he puts down time and doesn’t stick with underground and just showing the world his art but to put it on a wall for only a room to see. What he is scared of most is people knowing who he is and then always comparing him to his art and the cops will catch on.
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