Bibliography on the Mexican Muralist Movement

Topics: Chicano, Maya civilization, Art Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: March 20, 2012
Lawrence A Yost
Instructor: Toni Nelson Herrera
Chic 3672 Chicano/a Experience in the Midwest
A Selected Annotated Bibliography on the Mexican Muralist Movement. The Mexican and Chicano mural Movements by Maria Cardalliaguet Gomez-Malaga

As an instructor for the Yale-New Haven Teachers institute Maria Cardalliaguet Gomez-Malaga has posted the contents of her Curriculum Unit 06.02.01. The Idea behind a final for this class is a discussion of how Modern Mexican, Latino/a, Chicana/o art during the twentieth century turned revolutionary propaganda of the 1920s and 1930s, into a significant 20th century art form to young Chicano artists and activists. These artists developed a strong new Mural Movement that has had strong influences on the social, political and cultural development to support social activism during the 1960s. Her curriculum enabled me to find a starting point in the development of a thesis where I believe this Art form “The Mural” is able to describe a historical picture of life from one society to another through a Painted Medium. This thesis is preliminary in scope and needs to be defined more precisely in its description of historical life, though it is a beginning or a starting point for additional research. Campbell, Bruce. Mexican Murals in times of Crisis. Tucson: University of Arizona Press. ISBN 0-8165-2239-1. This book traces the ongoing critical contributions of mural arts to public life in Mexico to show how post-revolutionary murals have been overshadowed both by the Mexican School and by the exclusionary nature of official public arts. By documenting a range of mural practices—from fixed-site murals to mantas (banner murals) to graffiti—Bruce Campbell evaluates the ways in which the practical and aesthetic components of revolutionary Mexican muralist have been appropriated and redeployed within the context of Mexico's ongoing economic and...
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