Viking and Juan Luna

Topics: English-language films, Viking, National museum Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: February 28, 2011

We had a chance to see for we the larger than life painting of Juan Luna exhibited in the National Art Gallery. Well, last February 25, 2011 during EDSA 25th anniversary we went to the National Museum Art Gallery for our Humanities subject. The mural I’m going to talk about is the mural entitled “ Spoliarvm” [spo-la-ree-um] by one of our national artists, Juan Luna.

The basic story of the “Spoliarivm” takes place in the 15th century or something around that time. Anyway, this is the time in history when the Romans travelled to Europe and collected slaves, otherwise known as the Vikings, to entertain other people in Rome. The more powerful Romans created the “Viking Games” where Vikings fought, not on their own accord, but forced by the Romans. The Viking slaves battled lions, tigers or each other. And to tell you the truth, it was extremely bloody. That’s why they had the Spoliarivm. The Spoliarivm was used to “spoil” the dead bodies of the Vikings. Let’s just say they threw the dead Vikings’ bodies on top of each other in a pile and let the birds feed on their flesh.

According to the website that I read about Juan Luna; Juan Luna was known for playing with shadows. I am amazed by his artwork the “Spoliarvm because it was gigantic, It’s so tall that it’s taller than the tallest man in the world could you imagine I kept on thinking, how…what… what the!… aaah! The most common colors that Juan Luna used were black, red, and white. The thing is, in Luna’s painting where he paints the Vikings being dragged in, there is a group of people looking astonished at something outside the painting. I wonder it was. I’m thinking that maybe they were astonished at the possibility that a Viking actually won a battle and was spared his life? The painting was absolutely terrifying with all the blood and darkness being illustrated.

There is one more thing that kept circling my mind. The whole time I was looking at the Spoliarivm, I...
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