Exit Through the Gift Shop

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Reaction Paper

The film Exit through the Gift Shop was attention-grabbing because it showcases the birth of street art. It speaks about street artists and their lives on the street. I have seen street art and graffiti since I can remember, but never really understood why it was done or even considered an art after viewing this film. I have a new perspective for street artists and a better appreciation for their work. Bansky is depicted in the film as a proud artist who does not show his face to not reveal his physical identity. He speaks various times throughout the film and gives his reasoning for his form of art.

Society has never viewed Graffiti as a form of art. Furthermore, government entities have banned and reprimanded this form of art. In the film, Bansky defies all odds to express his form of art, regardless of the consequences. The most popular time for street artists to illustrate their art would be during the late night and early morning hours. They would climb rooftops, buildings, “tag-up” crosswalk signs, and anything that would make their brand more popular. These artists began a movement to popularize their work and seek fame in the industry.

Artists in the urban graffiti movement carried out their work among the cities they lived in. It becomes relevant to document their work to enhance society’s perception regardless of the legal concerns. By documenting their work, Mr. Brainwash captures the artists’ insight and motivation behind his or her form of art expression. Nevertheless this form of art is imperative to seize as many aspects of the artists’ work.

Banksy is a leader in his field. The fact that Banksy could take a London telephone booth cut it in half, and re-wielded it at an angle, makes it a unique form of art. Street art would be better perceived by the public if showcased appropriately as all other forms of art. With the proper venue, setting, and marketing, street art would become an acceptable,...
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