Topics: Art, Graffiti, Street art Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Every piece of art has a meaning behind it, whether it be obvious or a little more vague. Graffiti is just another way for people to express themselves through art. Nobody got mad at Michelangelo when he painted all over the Sistine Chapel, and nobody called it vandalism. Although some say it is vandalism rather than art, graffiti should be considered art because it takes time, emotion, and creativity, just like any good painting, the only difference being the canvas.

If graffiti shouldn’t be considered art, then tell me, why are there museums and art galleries that display it as art? While painting in museums has its benefits, such as money, fame, and the chance of having your art noticed by a different crowd; most artists would still prefer to paint throughout the city, in places such as on freight cars, the sides of buildings, or in an alley somewhere. “There’s just something about it”, says MONE, a graffiti writer from New York City. “Every new wave of art has to start somewhere; our generation’s art just happened to start on a wall.” Graffiti hit the scene in the 1970’s, and exploded immediately. In 1971, a group of kids in New York, almost none over the age of nineteen, developed an art form that went from a simple signature on a wall, all the way up to a mural that covered the entire side of a train by 1975. Graffiti is the voice of the streets; an “underground” way of communication, though recently, it has become more mainstream. Some artists say it’s lost its meaning, and the newer artists are just in it for the money. ”It used to be about getting whatever was in your head out,” says SERVANT, another artist, “That’s what I want to bring back.” It takes time to perfect these murals. Some Wildstyle works, a type of graffiti, can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to perfect, depending on the experience of the writer. If someone puts this much time and effort into something, why would you label it as vandalism and paint over it?...
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