Banksy: Artist or Lawbreaker?

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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Banksy: Artist or Lawbreaker?
Art is a persons’ opinion. The definition of art is the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. There is no real definition for what is beautiful or appealing to the human eye. Banksy is said to be an artist by some and a graffiti lawbreaker by others. Basically, it is up to the person to define Banksy as someone who is doing the right thing verses doing the wrong thing. Banksy creates his graffiti pictures to make a stand for what he believes is the right way to look at controversial issues. Some people may not like Banksy’s graffiti because they do not have the same views as him. Some people might not like it because graffiti is vandalism and they see no art in vandalism. People who dislike his stencil graffiti art consider Banksy a lawbreaker. I personally believe that Banksy is a unique artist that will make a statement with his art, all the while keeping his identity a secret.

Art is completely based on ones personal opinion of beauty and creativity. There is common ground between people’s thoughts on what is art and what is not art. No one can prove that Banksy is an artist or a criminal; they can only have their opinion. In my mind Banksy is an artist that has a developed a unique art formed around the world. Banksy’s stencil graffiti art is controversial because graffiti is vandalism yet, Banksy’s creates a work of art. In his work he points out what is wrong with society. Banksy’s art also depicts law enforcement in a different negative way. Banksy’s art shows a different opinion on the law, like his graffiti containing figures of authority being portrayed in a different sense then usual. Banksy’s art is unique and the meaning of his art is unlike anyone else’s. There is not a right or wrong to this issue and there are many different ways to look at it.

Banksy’s art was first discovered in England. The Bristol underground scene, which included hip-hop, music and graffiti, first inspired Banksy. Banksy created the artwork for the covers of bands albums from the underground scene. Banksy began his stencil graffiti technique around different parts of Bristol. This was said to have started somewhere between 1992-1994 but no one knows exactly when. His art is very controversial for the messages he wishes to convey. I believe this shows Banksy is serious about his work and that his work is not standard random acts of graffiti.

Banksy portrays wide spectrum of topics; politics, history, war. Many of these drawings are controversial. He makes a statement with his artwork that no one else has done before him. He believes government is a joke. An example of this is his stencil of the House of Commons with members of parliament replaced with chimpanzees. I think it is an important piece because it demonstrates his thoughts on the government. People who support the government find this offensive, while others who agree with Banksy find humor in his work. This is also an example of how a person may find art in his work instead of vandalism. Another controversial work of art is the painting of Queen Elizabeth with the face of a chimpanzee. This piece of work appeared on her birthday. Once again, we find Banksy mocking those who are in charge of world affairs. His stencils don’t hurt anyone they just state his opinion in a straightforward artistic manor.

Banksy has a collection of work that portrays the upper classes as ridiculous and stupid. One of his stencils portrays a statue with shopping bags next to a little girl that is ragged and poor. In this piece Banksy illustrates his dislike of the wealthy. An additional stencil work that shows his dislike of the rich is his drawing of a girl being taken away by an ATM machine called “Cash Point Girl.” These pieces of Banksy’s art were illustrated to demonstrate how unfair the rich are to the poor. These pieces were clearly made...
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