“Studying Overseas Is an over-Rated Experience.” What Is Your Opinion?

Topics: Education, Bill Clinton, Learning Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Studying overseas is an extremely novel and attractive idea; given to a young Singaporean student, even more tempting. Pursuing an education overseas has many merits and many pitfalls, which will be uncovered and analyzed in this essay. Only when we weigh up all the factors leading to this presumption of overseas education not being worth its weight in gold, will we truly be able to understand the truth in this statement.

One of the merits of studying overseas would be being exposed to different cultures. When a student is exposed to different cultures at this developmental stage, he or she will learn to adapt to the new environment and experience culture shock at an earlier age. This in turn helps the student better develop his or her adaptability to different surroundings and how to better deal with sudden changes in whatever task he or she may be undertaking at that point in time. When said student grows up, he or she will be more prepared to enter the working world and cope with various demands like overseas attachment programs or going overseas to negotiate deals in our constantly changing world, which is growing more independent. An example of someone who has studied overseas is the 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton. According to a thesis done by Thomas I. Wortman, who holds of a degree in Doctor of Philosophy from the Pennsylvania State University, Clinton cites the importance of international study and educational exchange as “being critical components to meet challenges in an increasingly independent world”. Despite not being a Singaporean student, what Clinton cited is relevant to students of all nationalities studying away from their home country. Therefore, the experience of studying overseas is an excellent one as it aids us in one of the processes we undergo as we grow up.

Another merit of studying overseas is the liberal education received in an educational institution overseas compared to the education received in a local...
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