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  • Published: July 1, 2013
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Chapter I Introduction
The research is conducted intend to know what kind of job Business English Student of Assumption University prefers to do after their graduation. The problem under the topic is do they know exactly what kind of job they want to do when they have graduated from Assumption University. This study aims to discover the average of each career that Business English at Assumption University want to do when they graduated. There are the seven research and objective questions that we used to survey and observe our respondents in Business English major at Assumption University by distributed the questions to twenty students to answer and summarize it in to the pilot study under the problem of what exactly they want to do after graduation. We applied the survey and observation to be our research design to collect the data from 277 students of out 898 students of Business English students major in variety minors at Assumption University Suvarnabhumi Campus. The study will be use the judgment or purposive non probability sampling technique to create the questionnaire where the population are known and allow to give answer base on his or her opinions. For the instrumentation, we also assign the questionnaire and pilot study to collect the data which has a time frame from week 7 to week 15.We also assume that our sample size will represent the population that have honesty and ability to answer the questions. The questionnaires will be distributed to collect the data at Assumption University Suvarnabhumi Campus only with the limitation of time that we believe that it will benefit to getting the accurate data from out sample size.

The Statement of the problem
The Statement of the problem is Business English Minor students at Assumption University do not know exactly what they want to do after graduation. This problem statement is important to study on with the benefits that we can discover what kind of job the students prefer to do...
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