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Chapter 7 Study Guide
What was al-Mahdi's attitude towards the Shi'as?
They tried to reconcile among the Shi'a opposition. The core different was that they disagreed who the caliph should be. What was the fictional account of life at the court of the Caliph al-Rashid? The Tale of The Thousand and One Nights

How did the administration of al-Rashid set a trend for subsequent Abbasid rulers? They set the trend for luxury living
What was the result of the civil wars following the death of al-Rashid? After the death of al-Rashid, candidates that went there for the throne recognized the need to build up personal armies, often of slave soldiers. What accounts for the disruption of the agricultural economy of the Abbasid Empire? The irrigation works fell into despair and some areas collapsed entirely. What was the attitude of the Abbasids toward the institution of slavery? The Abbaside Elite (Ayans) demanded growing numbers of both male and female slaves for concubines and domestic service. What was the regional splinter dynasty that captured Baghdad in 945? The Buyids of Persia

What group successfully captured Baghdad in 1055?
The Seljuk Turks
What was the religious affiliation of the Seljuk Turks?
They were Sunnis
What was the impact of the Seljuk conquest of Baghdad on the Abbasid Empire? Their impact was to purge the Shi'as officials and rid the Caliphs domains of Shi'a influences Who was the Muslim leader responsible for the reconquest of most of the territories belonging to the Christians? Saladin

What accounts for the success of the first Crusade?
The element of surprise
What was the impact of the Crusades on the Christian West?
The popular cultures were influenced in things such as words, games, food, and songs. What was the level of trade in the Abbasid empire?
Their items were in great demand from Europe to China. It was growing and increasing between cities thriving in trade. What was the Shah-Nama?
It was written by Firdawsi in late 10th...
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