Study Abroad or Study Locally

Topics: Education, Universiti Sains Malaysia, University Pages: 3 (1190 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Furthering your study after finishing high school is a very crucial and important decision to be made in life. Some might even see it as a life important cross path. The thing that would soon to define your life either you are going to be successful or fail in life. I personally doesn’t agree with it, but non-the less. I have to agree, getting a degree or a diploma does have a huge impact in your life and carrier. One of the most common question students pond about is what course is it to be taken and WHERE? Some might prefer studying at a local college without having to give up their sweet and normal comfortable life routine, and some prefers to get out of the country , do what not many have done before, set their eyes on not many have set their eyes before. Well, both are also fine and really much depends on the individuals. Let us first see the definition of studying abroad and local and make a comparison out of it. Studying abroad is defined as to get an education in a systematic manner via an institution, be it diploma or degree, As long as it is outside of your country. This means, if you were to take a Twinning program, in which case you learn using abroad syllabus, exams, tutorials and such. But at your local universities, it doesn’t include as studying abroad. On the other hand, studying locally is defined as to obtain an education in a proper manner via a higher institution that is first and most importantly, geographically located inside your country. This would include as I’ve said before, even though you are taking a twinning program from abroad universities. As long as you are completing it at your own country, it will still be counted as studying locally. The contrast of studying abroad and locally is as clear as the night and day if you ask me. There are a lot of differences that can be accounted; the simplest example is the culture and way of living differences. This is something that really would affect the student’s education and studying....
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