Why It is Better to Study Locally Rather than Overseas

Topics: University, Recession, Student Pages: 4 (1178 words) Published: March 6, 2013

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience on the benefits of studying locally and to convince them that ultimately, in the long run, it is wiser rather than studying overseas. Central Idea: It is very much better to study locally, not only because of the good quality of studies here, but many other supporting factors to ensure a balanced and wholesome life.


Attention Getter:You have just finished your SPM or O-Level Examinations, and just before you can relax and chill out, a huge damning question mark hovers above you. Where am I going to further my studies?

Link to Audience:I am sure that this is a problem most of you have had to face. Choosing where to study , either locally or overseas is always a difficult one, as it will define who, what and how we turn out to be, besides our future, too.

Speaker’s Credibility:Even I have been plagued with this problem before, and until now I still think to myself whether or not I made the right decision to study locally. However, having studied locally for the past year, I am convinced that local studies is the way to go.

Thesis Statement:Therefore I would like to persuade all of you today that local studies is actually way better than studying overseas due to a number of crucial factors. Preview of Speech:In this speech I will bring up points as to why studying locally is better than overseas and I will justify them.

Transition: Lets begin with the first point.

1) Studying locally allows us to save a lot of money.
a) Without a doubt, when it comes to where to study, the financial factor plays a big role. Not everyone can afford to further their studies. And if we can afford, it is way more economical to study locally. When parents want to send their children to study for example medicine, the countries of choice are Australia, England, Ireland, USA, India, Indonesia , Eastern European countries and many more depending on our...
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