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If you had the chance to travel the world, would you? Studying abroad gives you that opportunity to do so, while also learning. This can give you a chance to have a lifetime experience, build your resume, see new cultures and meeting new people. Although this may seem awesome, a lot of people choose not to study abroad. Some reasons being that it is very costly, time away from your job and family, and the safety of it can be a bit scary if you’re unfamiliar with the area. There are different ways to help you with cost and help you become more comfortable with going.

There are several reasons why people chose to study abroad. The first is being able to gain a lifetime experience in a completely new culture. My sister did study abroad in Ireland for a year and absolutely loved it. She highly recommends people to do so. She said it really gives you a chance to find who you are and a chance to really do things on your own. They set her up with her own apartment with a couple people from her school and got to live like people in Ireland do. Although my sister did it for a whole year, not everyone has to do so. They have programs going on for just the summer time or just one semester of the school year. Another reason why people chose to study abroad is to build their resume when applying for a job. If gives you a chance to have more of a hands on experience in a different culture, gain communication skills, and helps you to network with different people.

Although studying abroad may seem like the best thing to do, a lot of people don’t. The reason why is because it is very costly. Not everyone can afford it but that’s okay. There are ways you can still pay for it if you don’t have to money for it right now. You are able to pay for it through student loan, financial aid, or Ferris offers a program where you can show an exchange student around and get paid for it. There are plenty of other options to pay for it other then just paying up front. Another reason why...
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