Going Abroad

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  • Published : September 8, 2011
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Nowadays it’s a small world. A flick of the television switch shows us images of events happening thousands of miles away, some of them happy and, unfortunately, some of them sad. Modern tourists are able to soak up the new experiences offered by foreign travel, sometimes for no other reason than curiosity to explore foreign places. One consequence of this new perception of the planet has been an increase in the number of students travelling abroad to study.

2. Students who travel to another country to study derive many benefits. Living overseas gives young people the chance to gain information about another culture and way of life; finding out about ordinary things like clothes, food, or even just a different climate can be exhilarating. Then there’s the chance not only to learn about but also to participate in another culture, for example, in festivals or celebrations which were before unknown to you – imagine watching the liveliness of, say, Chinese New Year for the first time! Moreover, living abroad teaches young people a healthy tolerance of others, and that we are sisters and brothers, not rivals. Despite the homesickness which might happen when studying abroad, new friends can be made, often with other students who are just as homesick for their own country as you are for yours. Some young people may travel overseas to study in a country where the main language spoken is not their own, giving them the valuable opportunity to learn a new language at first hand, much easier than learning it from a textbook.
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