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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Hamza Ibrahim
Date 11/10 2012
Brønshøj, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Dear Editor
I do believe that people should know more about their country, but travelling abroad has many benefits and is the main reason for broadening awareness of other cultures. The awareness that you achieve from traveling abroad, and enjoying other cultures can lead to a better understanding of your own country. In my opinion you will not realize how much you love, and know about your country until you have traveled or left your country for a long time. I disagree with the theme that the travel magazine published, as I believe people should travel around the world even if they have not seen their own country. When travelling abroad there is numerous information that you can find out about yourself especially when it comes to what you prefer for instance, the weather; it might not seem to people living in countries with four seasons that they have other options for how and where they want to live. Cold winters are not healthy, and people are getting sick primarily in that season. Travelling abroad shows that there is others ways to live and it is possible to live in countries where it is warm all year round. Exploring different cultures means discovering different foods, and this could lead to finding out your actual favorite food. For now, it is vital for me to travel abroad, and instead of learning more about the world through textbooks, people should travel and learn more about the world through real experiences. Therefore, I would love if the travel magazine started inducing their readers by telling them how positive it is to travel all around the world, and how much they can benefit from it.

People are getting so used to their own lifestyles neglecting that there are people living in different places who are not blessed with luxuries that other people are blessed with. Travelling abroad will give an appreciation of your own lifestyle and what you have, and a perspective on the...
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