Topics: Travel, English-language films, Trip Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 5, 2013
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Through travel we learn about ourselves and others. Camping taught me that I do not like mosquitos, Quebec taught me people from different cultures can be uncompromising, and in South Carolina I learned I’m afraid of the ocean. Throughout my trip camping in Algonquin I learned that I do not like mosquitos. The trip was damp, which brought the mosquitos out in droves. The sound of their whining filled the air morning, noon, and night. Even the beach was filled with them, but the worst part was trying to fall asleep hearing, and knowing you weren’t the only one in the tent. I had to learn this the worst way. I got home after a trip spent itching my skin day after day. I got home and my whole body was covered in bug bites. That’s when I decided I am never ever going camping again. While visiting Quebec, I noticed people from different cultures can be uncompromising, we stopped at a few shops it was very different from the shops back at home. Many workers weren’t bilingual which made it very complicated to communicate. A lot of the stores we went to servers made little attempt to meet us half way. We went into garage for my sister; she was looking for a specific pair of jeans. We approached the lady working and asked about the jeans. We could tell by the look of her face that she didn’t understand what we were asking. She walked away and didn’t even make an effort, or get us further help. I learned that some people, who aren’t the same culture, sometimes won’t make an effort on trying to help us, or give us the customer service we deserve. My trip to South Carolina I was much younger. I learned I was afraid of the ocean. My brother and I would always swim out further then my parents would approve of. They were always scared when we went too far out in the ocean. We were the furthest we’ve ever been, everything looks prettier. I wasn’t scared, but I could tell my parents were. We felt a weird pull from the ground, next thing I knew we were getting...
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