People Attend College and University for Many Different Reasons. Why Do You Think People Attend College or University. Use Specific Reasons and Examples.

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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People attend college and university for many different reasons. Why do you think people attend college or university. Use specific reasons and examples. People all over the world want to study in college or university. I guess, it is really useful to have higher education. But you can reach this aim only if you study in higher educational establishment. There are a lot of reasons people attend college or university. In my view, the main reasons are: firstly, diploma is necessary in order to find a good job; secondly, if you are studying well, you have a great opportunity to become exchange student. First of all, all big companies all over the world require the diploma of higher education. Even small companies, which are not so famous, want to employ highly qualified workers. To my mind, every person has to have the diploma of higher education. Maybe, the university, he studied in, is not very big, but the diploma says, that he managed to enter it, to pass exams successfully and that he is ready for looking a job and work on it. For example, my mother has the diploma of Belarussian state medical university. She wanted to be a doctor, but, unfortunately, medical board did not allow her to reach her aim. Because of it she decided to become an expert-biologist. Due to the diploma of the higher education she managed to find a good job. The second reason is studying by exchange. I strongly believe, this possibility is even more interesting and exciting, than simply studying abroad. Of course, you have to study well, to be everywhere in the university, to take part in all activities, but the result would please you. For instance, I have a friend, who is studying in China now. She really studied hard, not only subjects in the university, but also Chinese language. She participated in university’s activities, had Scorina’s scholarship. And she is happy, she reached her aim. To sum up, I want to say, that studying in higher educational establishments is really important...
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