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Study locally or aboard
The world is a global village, being educated aboard is nothing new. Nowadays, studying aboard provides student with an experience of a life time. Although studying aboard is an exciting prospect, there are many problems might faced by the student too. In my humble opinion, I would prefer study locally as the following reasons. First and foremost, most of the students who study aboard will facing culture shock. Culture shock sets in as one’s values and beliefs seem very different to one’s culture. Soon, the excitement of being a foreign will results the student in frustration. Besides that, the exposed to culture shock and barrier of communications may lead students to negatives. On the other flip side, study locally will never set you in this kind of situation because you are in your own zone , there are nothing to be shock about. You will feel much more comfortable study locally. Subsequently, although there are many advance technology in other country, never the less, Malaysia is improving the technology day by day. The government import many professional to our country to enhance the growth of technologies. Indirectly our local universities are able to compete with the other foreign universities. In an addition , our local university such as University Sains Malaysia, University of Malaya are well known in other countries. There are no doubts study locally in Malaysia. Lastly, studying overseas is an amazing experience. But for others the experiences had been different some ways or even regretted. Study in oversea will cost higher than local universities. Students not only have to pay the study but also for living. Plus, not everyone is from a rich family. Because of the exchange rate, students have to fork out enormous sums of money just to have meal. Study locally do save a lot of expenses. In conclusion, studying overseas has its own good side and bad side. If we decided to study abroad, we have to take a risk like money...
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