Students' Perception Towards English Language

Topics: Scientific method, Null hypothesis, Education Pages: 10 (2295 words) Published: December 3, 2012

This chapter presents the Research Methodology which is divided into Research Design, Population and Sample, Research Instrument, Procedure for Data Collection, Procedure for Data Analysis, Pilot Study and Summary. This research used non-experimental design which is survey to investigate the effects of teaching methods, students’ performance achievement and students’ personal emotion towards examination oriented education system.

A factorial survey questionnaires design was used to investigate the effects of three independent variables; namely teaching method, students’ performance achievement and students’ personal emotion on dependent variable of examination oriented. This section will explain how this research was conducted. This research was conducted by distributing survey questionnaires to the selected sample. The survey consists of five parts of questions, namely Background Questionnaire, Examination Oriented Questionnaire, Teaching Methods Questionnaire, Students’ Performance Questionnaire and Students’ Personal Emotion Questionnaire. The selected sample will answer the survey questions according to the levels of agreement provided in the survey sheets.

This part was of an action research planned for university Tun Abdul Razak’s students in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The research population comprised of random students in the university for the year of 2011. A total of 60 students of the university were randomly selected as research sample. Other population and sample were not considered in this research, since it was an action research for the university.

There were three instruments used in this research, namely: (a) Backgrounds Questionnaire to collect data on backgrounds of respondents; (b) Survey on Students’ Performance Achievement to measure the students’ achievement; and (c) Survey on Students’ Personal Emotion to measure the students’ feeling on examination oriented education system. The Backgrounds Questionnaire was focused on students’ gender, ethnic, course and latest CGPA.

The 60 sample of students were selected randomly by the researchers at the university’s atrium. They were briefed about the research and were given the Backgrounds Questionnaire, Survey on Students’ Performance Achievement and the Survey on Students’ Personal Emotion. After the results of survey on Students’ Performance Achievement and Students’ Personal Emotion were obtained, the students were classified into four groups of 15 students each, namely; (a) Students with ‘low’ personal emotion and ‘low’ performance achievement; (b) Students with ‘low’ personal emotion and ‘high’ students’ performance achievement; (c) Students with ‘high’ personal emotion and ‘low’ performance achievement and (d) students with ‘high’ personal emotion and ‘high’ in performance achievement.

After the survey results of Students’ performance achievement, Students’ Personal Emotion and background of the students were obtained, the results were entered into computer file for analyses. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze the research data. Frequencies and percentages were used to analyze the backgrounds of the students who participated in the research. The analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was used to test the following null hypothesis of the main effects of the independent variables investigated at 0.05 level of significant. The following null hypotheses were formulated to answer the research questions:

(a) There is no significant between students with low and high achievement in examination oriented education system (b) There is no significant between students who are taught using Question Drilling method and Teacher Centered method in examination oriented education (c) There is no significant between student with low and high...
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