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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Students in Malaysia lead really hectic lives, what with regular schooling, compulsory co-curricular activities and piles of homework. Kids don't have time to be kids anymore. The kids that I see who are stressed and anxious are the ones that do too much! They are in school all day, they have after school activities, and then after that have evening events or practices: gymnastics, tuition, hockey clubs, musical practice, etc. In today's competative world, solid education is the only key to success. Parents play a vital role in moulding young people into complete adults who can compete in the challenging world. Students should pay more emphasize on studies as their performance will not take a dip and they will not face a bleak future. If they can pass their examination with flying colours , this will definitely be useful when they apply for job in the future. Things have changed greatly in recent years. Many also have jobs out of necessity. A perfect example can be shown. A 6th grade female student, bright, straight As, burst into tears during her school class. She is in school all day from 8:00am to 3:30pm, and then goes to tuition right after school. She is picked up at 5:30pm, and goes home after they pick up her older siblings. After she reach home, she has to do her homework and one busy day end like this meaningless. She is in a lot of things and excels, but it all piles up heavily. This happens because her parents are pushing her too hard.