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CS66 Advanced Oracle
Spring 2002
Group 10
Project Overview

Developed by
Terence Kyle Reynolds
Maria Tsipurskaya
Illeana Grimm
Glen Chen


• The purpose of this application was to develop physical RDMS and its visual representation for general Restaurant Management operations such as fulfilling customers’ orders and managing inventory.

• Tools used are Oracle 8i, SQL*Plus, PL/ SQL, Oracle Designer 2000 and Oracle Developer 2000.

• The project required well-organized teamwork, squeezed in a strict time frame, which was successfully carried out by the group.

• Due the slow server on which Oracle Designer resided, we had a difficult time getting things to work correctly while working on the project. They were many instances in which Oracle Designer suddenly became unresponsive, preventing us from completing many parts of our project. Fortunately, we were able to get around the slowness of the server by using alternative methods or working on our project when there were less people in the computer lab.


Strategy Document :

Business main entities that need to be kept records of in the database are - restaurant products and its categories,
- purchase orders,
- employees records,
- suppliers,
- menu items and categories,
- meal orders and order details
- bills.

Top-level requirements:

The project is very efficient as far as resources are concerned. It will be developed by a group of 4 students, who will be rewarded with nothing but a class grade for the implementation of an Oracle database worth thousands.

Political environment:

The Oracle CASE tools will be heavily abused by other developers which expected to slow down the system response significally. There is also security risk involved because of the common public access to the application. Backups must be created with any change in the application.

Work flow plan:

RMS Database must be designed and implemented in the period from Feb 19, 2002 to June 15, 2002. Developers will meet weekly and complete one of the required sections of the project. The project must be well planned and documented throughout SDLC, and all client requirements must be met. Application will be stored in repository. Screen shots and documentation will be presented to a client by the deadline. The key deliverables of the strategy phase are the process flow diagram and the entity relationship diagram. These two diagrams represent the processes and data in the system and will be used to communicate with the user to ensure that the daily operation of the restaurant is accurately modeled.

Strategy-level process flows:

The top level business processes that must be covered are:
- management of customer orders,
- management of inventory,
- human resources management.


Logical and Physical Database Diagrams, Process model, physical tables, table data and forms will be developed using Oracle Designer 2000 and Developer 2000 CASE tools.

Restaurant ERD will be implemented in Entity Relationship Diagrammer. This logical design "map" will be converted into Server model diagram by running Database Transformer. All necessary constraints, triggers, procedures and functions must be set in Design Editor. This can be further edited and transformed into SQL statements, which in turn, generate real tables. Developers group will write DML SQL statements to populate the Oracle tables.

Business processes are mirrored in a Process Modeler. This diagram will be transformed into Function Hierarchy Diagram. Based on the last modules will be generated and converted into forms. Forms layout can be tested and modified in Developer 2000.


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