Student Motivation

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  • Published: March 25, 2013
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Student motivation is a critical educational issue that districts all around the country should deal with on a daily basis. More and more students are unmotivated for several reasons, for example they might have problems at home, they lack good teachers, parents don’t encourage them enough or they just began to lose interest in school or don’t find school amusing. Students should be the main priority to a district or school but instead money is. Districts are so focused on saving money that they just don’t care much about their schools, and schools more often try to save as much money as they can since their city has cut how much money they are getting, thus impacting how schools handle their money. Schools in a desperate way to keep their school open have to make critical changes to how they run their school knowing that their staff and students will suffer greatly. Schools are now cutting off teacher’s salaries, they have shut down their transportation to students, they have to shut down during and after schools programs, they don’t buy new materials for students, and they have to close down tutoring for students who need it. All of this issues impact the students dramatically in on way or another. Teachers, more than any district or school wide programs, have the most power to motivate students because they’re on the front lines (Annie Condron). She explains that teachers can influence students in a way that kids can actually understand. She is a teacher and she gives ways in which other teachers can motivate their students for example to praise students in big and small ways, expect excellence, or assign jobs. I found these methods really interesting, it would be nice if my teachers could use 1 or more of them. Especially when giving students a job in the class, which they have to be present and be active everyday in order to keep it. Michigan was rank number 3 in teacher salary, with the average of $56,000 a year in 2006(Thomas White). But things have changed and now they are all getting paid less causing teachers to not put much interest in their job because of their income. Many teachers in DPS don’t care for their students, many of them just give out paper work or bookwork without explaining the subject. Students need teachers who will work with them and actually have expectations for them, teachers who would actually enjoy teaching and come with a positive attitude toward their students everyday. Perhaps one of the main reasons students are unmotivated is because of boredom (Ethan Yazzie-Mintz-HSSSE). This center measures engagement in the classroom, and identifies why or why not students find school stimulating. It found out, through surveys, that 66% of students surveyed in 2009 indicated being bored in class at least every day and in fact, only 2% of students reported never being bored. Boredom in class is caused from students not finding the materials interesting or relevant, finding work unchallenging, and listening to uninteresting lectures. This survey also allowed for students to put how they feel about school, with the majority criticizing teaching methods. “I don't find the work interesting, don't enjoy being talked at, and hate that everyone teaches to standardized tests” said one of the students who were surveyed. The idea of education has always been to give a broad base of learning to students, but teaching to standardized test limits the way that information is presented, this type of education is designed to teach children to think only about those things that test makers have deemed important a decade ago when the test was being constructed (Allan Teal) he also states that “Current way that standardized tests are used does not measure the learning ability of the student. It only measures whether the school system is able to write curriculum that produces good test takers” this method will benefit average and below average students because they have less information to...
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