Budgets Cuts and Their Negative Effect on School

Topics: High school, College, Education Pages: 5 (1930 words) Published: November 15, 2012

Budget Cuts Affect School Education Negatively


Jose Valdez

English Composition


Everybody has their own hopes and dreams, which being having a stable job or being the next Neil Armstrong this is becoming is less likely thanks to the budget cuts to educations. If budgets cuts continue our dreams wont be chosen but pre-determent brought by the limitation of education. How do we know the student being limited education won’t be the next president? Budgets cuts are affecting schools nationwide. Starting early is a key element in a student’s development in their education and studies and will pre set how well they can understand and complete tasks. Since doing mathematical equations or learning about our past presidents is not equally as fun as playing video games is tend to be hard to keep students interested. Since technology is advancing in a fast pace is easier to make learning fun and twice as evident. Since everything cost money the budget cuts don’t allow this methods to be tested or use which leaving student to just to glide thru elementary not learning how beneficial and fun education can be and show them how dreaming can pay off. Besides budget cuts teaching is pointless to dream it has made countless of school close mostly elementary since according to Budget And Policy Priorities more than two thirds of the states are providing each student with the amount they provided in 2008 which is about 250 dollars per student, per year. So each student is receiving about 200 or so per year which is not enough which means another student funding is being use which put the second student who’s fun is being use for the other student with less money for their education which is leaving a never ending domino effect. No wonder school are closing they don’t have enough money to support their current student or the future student leaving students with no school or just putting their dreams on hold. Not only that but since more schools are closing, school lunches and breakfast may be the only meals for some of these student and since there is no school there is no meal for the student who really need them. So budget cuts are not only taken away student’s dreams but their meals as well. Is sad how politicians prefer to fill their pockets instead of kid’s stomach Who ever were lucky to have gone elementary and graduate has the privilege to fight for a spot in middle school. Since budget cuts limit space and class sizes in schools now in days it has become more of a warzone during registration and anxious parents hopping to get a spot for their children and not having to come back next year leaving their kids to lose the knowledge they gain and maybe their only meal. Knowledge is like a pencil if it’s not sharpens once in a while it looses its point. For the lucky few who get a spot now will have to suffer threw class sizes of 40 or more students. With bigger size classes it has become harder for them to get help from their teacher since the teacher has to divide their attention equally to 40 or more students. Leaving the student with unanswered question and which may lead the student not understanding the material. Since there varieties of ways to get help with school work most of them been cut like tutors due to school budgets leaving students unattended and to fend for them self. Budget cuts not only affect students but teacher as well because like grading papers was not hard enough imagine grading 40 or more students papers which lead to teachers to be behind schedule and not letting them advance in their teachings which in the student suffer since they don’t learn. Since now students have 6 classes now they will have to have 6 different textbooks and thanks to budget cuts most students will only get one copy which will be use for school and home they will have to carry with them everyday. Textbook that may be up to date or miss dated or miss treated. Imagine the strain they poor backs must...
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