How Do Individual Differences Affect Learning

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  • Published : September 16, 2011
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Some students are naturally enthusiastic about learning, but many need or expect their teachers to inspire, challenge, and stimulate them. Ericksen have once said "Effective learning in the classroom depends on the teacher's ability to maintain the interest that brought students to the course in the first place", Unfortunately, there is no single magical formula for motivating students. Many factors affect a student's motivation to work and to learn, this may include: the students interest in a certain subject, perception of its usefulness, general desire to achieve, self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as patience and persistence. Nevertheless, not all students are motivated by the same values, needs, desires, or wants. Some students will be motivated by the approval of others, and some will be by overcoming challenges. If teachers spiced up their lectures and made it interesting and even funny now and then, they can lead most students to actually enjoy the class and even become more interested. Due to a partial reinforcement schedule effect, this is likely to pay off later even if the lectures may gradually become more serious over the course of the term period.

Student 1:
This is a very sharp student, who is confident and has high self-esteem, but is not at all a hard worker, likes to think that what he wants will happen for him in one way or another without putting any real effort in fighting for getting it. So, when the time comes to do something, he tends to fail to deliver his work in the optimal way that he may have done if he only worked a bit harder and put his thoughts in to actions, and he always tends to falls behind.

Student 2:
Who is an average person, but highly ambitious, hard worker, and has an exquisite language skills, he is able to deliver his ideas in a simple and convincing way to others, but does not have many other useful skills. Nevertheless, he usually gets what he aims for, even if he was not the most...