Student Course Reflection

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Student Course Reflection
The option to advance in your chosen career and the starting off salary of a degree holder is higher than a person's salary who is not with a degree. You have proof as to what your capabilities are and the proven “know- how” to attain knowledge and information. Having a degree in your career will help you in the long-term because it will show your superiors that you can compete with your peers and progress to hold greater responsibilities and make more important decision. I can use the tools and assessments in this course to help me in my future courses and career plans by utilizing the many resources that I have learned to use in the course. The assessments in the career builder section have helped me learn a little bit more about myself and the mind set that I have when it comes to my career.The skills and opportunities I need to improve on section, I really thought that that was a helpful tool. The citation and plagiarism instruction was informational and a good refresher for me. Everything that was taught in this course was extremely educational and a great many learning tools were acquired throughout the duration of the course. Goal setting in this course was my favorite and is always my favorite. Setting my goals and discussing how important it is to keep sight of that goal and how to accomplish that goal through capturing objectives that lead to my greater goal being accomplished. The course reinforced the tactics of setting goals and ways to accomplish them. With goal setting I learned that it is best to have a mission statement so you can keep sight of your goal. That is why I created my mission statement and have been changing as I continue my academic and working career. My mission statement is a constant reminder of the goals that I have set for myself. Managing stress and time is what I believe to be the most important point I learned in this course. Stress factor for me outweigh the time in which I have...
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