Academic Strategies for the Business Professional

Topics: Goal, Time, Term Pages: 1 (458 words) Published: November 15, 2011
CS113 Academic Strategies for the Business Professional
Writing Assignment
May 5, 2011

I have realized that there is not just one key concept that works for me. In fact I am sure that is a combination of all of them that will make me a better candidate for the business world. The two that I will use the most will have to be Unit 2, Manage your Time and Stress, and Unit 7, Goals and Planning. By learning how to manage my time and stress better will allow me to become a better part of the business community. In this manner by reducing my stress will allow me to better focus on the important aspects that need my attention. Learning how to manage my time came from the help of my family by allowing me to have time to myself to focus on my studies every day. Another great help has been the proper use my daily planner. It has been a great contribution to my success in this class. I will be using my planner for all my classes and I am also using it for work. This is a great course for me because it is the first class I have taken since graduating high school 15 years ago. The things that I learned in Unit 6, Academic Writing, will be great use for my next class which is Writing Composition. I will be taking what I have learned from this course and apply it to my next, and so on and so on. From Unit 7 came setting forth my short term and long term goals. I learned how to use the S.M.A.R.T. goal planning technique. I learned that using a series of short term goals helps me to achieve my long term goal. This works for me because if I can see progress and it is easier for me to stay on track and achieve the long term goal. So many times I have set myself a goal and never accomplished it because I could not see the progress and lost interest. There were a lot of other units that will come in use during the rest of my tenure here at Kaplan University, everything from critical thinking and research to scheduling and conducting an interview. I loved the exercises...
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