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Chapter 1
As John Dewey said, education is not a preparation for life, it is life itself. So as much as we value life, we must be directed towards valuing the importance of education for it is an essential tool that will guide us in hurdling our struggles in life. Education then makes itself essential in life for it gives us knowledge of the world around us. It develops in us a perspective of looking at life. It primarily helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. The importance of education relates to the equipping ourselves of the needed criteria that would make our dreams come true. It opens doors to brilliant career opportunities. Taking into consideration the observations that we may gather from our society nowadays, the lack of relaying to the younger generations the importance of education has not only been an issue locally, but also on the national scale. With the emerging problem on reaching higher educational success for the younger generations, the future of this nation is at stake. Also, parents have difficulty in monitoring their children’s attendance in school. More and more of the younger generations at the present time would prefer to mingle outside the campus and cutting classes rather than using their time in attaining knowledge that they can use in different aspects of their life while their parents are not aware of it. As the problem become exceedingly noticeable, the researchers came up with possible solutions that would aid in the emerging of the said dilemma. On researches of the group arose some methods used by schools in monitoring their student’s class attendance. Some of these techniques were noted by the researchers of this study namely; the provision of logbooks or attendance sheets, the common use of Bundy clocks for monitoring the attendance (this is primarily used to monitor teacher’s attendance in the institution), the ID Card Scanner that eliminates the human error that is inevitable with manual recording techniques, and the Biometric-Based Attendance Machine that is a stand-alone finger print scanner system with optional system access control. With these researches conducted, errors and inaccuracy could become rampant and more noticeable. With this, the researchers would like to provide a system that will minimize if not ultimately take off human error in checking the attendance of students. The researchers also noted the lack of monitoring for students as soon as they enter the campus vicinity. With these researches on present methods and devices available, the researchers collectively drew the main functions of the proposed project. The primary objective of the researchers is to provide a system that will automate the monitoring of students upon entering the campus premises and aid in assuring the parents of the youth that his/her son/daughter really attended the institution on a certain time scale. The proposed project would also function to inform the parents of the child via Short Message Service (SMS) sent through phone units duly registered to the system’s memory. The functions of the system laid by the researchers will aid in the monitoring of parents in their child’s attendance in school. Also, the goal of the device will be of a security measure in the part of parents who are sending their children in school because of the function of information dissemination sent to them via SMS. And the provision of the device if used continuously would gradually lessen the number of students who cut classes or take absence in school. The researches have decided to provide this automated system in high school that answers the parents and faculty concerns in monitoring the attendance of students, for it can easily track tardiness and pattern of absenteeism. The concept in making such system is to serve both school administrators/teachers and parents and perceived to minimize if not fully prevent the dilemma of the nation. The system is only intended to...
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