Students Attendance Counter (Red)

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Project Requirement Document

Students’ Attendance Counter

Supervised by, Dr. Yassine Salih ALJ
Engineering Instrumentation I
EGR 3306


I. Introduction

As a student of Al Akhawayn University and where attendance is mandatory, we encounter every beginning of class a ten minutes loss due to attendance. As a matter of fact, it is the teacher's duty to be aware of how many students is missing or if there is any absence. The purpose of our project is to help the professors save time and make their lectures more productive. Our added value is to create a system that allows the counting of students .

1. Requirements gathering:

The Students’ Attendance Counter will help better manage and take advantage of the whole class session by facilitating the attendance task that each professor has to perform, by providing these set of functionalities: * Displaying the number of students inside a classroom

* Increment the displayed number each time someone enters the room * Decrement the displayed number each time someone leaves the room * Start functioning and displaying after the first person entering (Avoid including the professor in the count) * Switching off (energy saving) after the last person leaving

2. Requirements specification:

The system will contain a sensor for detecting people entering and leaving a classroom. This latter consists on detection via body temperature, to avoid counting any object or device carried inside a room. Moreover, the device will include a screen that will display the total number of students inside a classroom. In order to do that, we need a counter that will increment or decrement the displayed number depending on any entrance or leaving. The professor will hence just need to take a glimpse at the screen to know how many students are missing in his classroom. The system in itself is not complicated. But, our main objective is to bring a...
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