Teachers Attendance Monitoring System

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Chapter 1

Rationale of the Study
Maintaining the attendance record is an important factor in people management. In the academic institute, taking the attendance of teachers on daily basis and maintaining it for a long time adds to the difficulty of this task as well as a waste of a lot of time.

In today’s rapid technological advancements, traditional procedures in checking, recording and computation of data becomes more and more obsolete. Today manual operations are gradually replaced by systematic procedures which eventually improve one’s productivity.

It is for this reason that the researchers propose a teachers’ Attendance Monitoring System of Asian College of Technology that is more improved and more enhanced. This will provide the institution and the administration an automated system to be used for the daily records of instructor’s attendance place that will store and save the data ready anytime for any retrieving operations. This will also assure accuracy and certainty of information and is to be frequently updated. This system will also help them work more in less time and can even produce needed outputs.

The researchers would like to improve the teachers Attendance Monitoring System for Asian College Technology in order for the academic institution and the school administration lessen the hassle in recording the daily teachers attendance, evaluation of the instructors and daily activities in a semester. Theoretical Background

Maintaining an attendance record is mandatory for any organization. This can be either in manual or electronic format. There are many advantages in recording the staff attendance. Most important of all is it throws some light on the discipline of the employee. Monitoring of the attendance record by the superior gives some idea on the absence or leave taking phenomenon of the employee. It generally observed that the employees have a tendency to take leave along with the weekends or holidays. This is because of the three day weekends phenomenon. (http://www.employeesattendance.com/attendance.html)

The Employees attendance Record or the EAR contains columns to be filled up duly by the employee and to be checked by the superior. Some of the basic contents are the Employee’s name, Personnel No, Social Security Number, Department and Position. The attendance record reflects a detailed monthly summary of the employee’s attendance in the office. An important point to be noted is that an employee attendance record should contain information only regarding the employee’s absence from work.

The attendance record classifies the different types of leaves such as Sick, Leave, Family or Floating Leave, Military Leave, Maternity or Paternal Leave and Bereavement Leave. Sometimes it also include Accident, Long Term Disability and Vacation, Sick Leave or sickness pay or sick pay is a form of employee benefit which can be taken during periods of sickness. This is a paid leave. Half day work schedule and holidays are also recorded. The attendance record is thoroughly scrutinized by the HR service to verify whether the employee has submitted the leave letter stating the reasons for his absence.

According to Cynthia B. et al. (2010), separate provisions are made to record the working hours placed by the flex time workers, casual laborers, daily wage workers and the regular employees. The regular employees are expected to be recorded at the standard and variable hours separately. This is on the daily working hours mentioned in the employee’s hiring agreement the salary is given. It is important to note that the staff attendance record should be filled only within the premises of the work unit. It is statutory to maintain the attendance record for minimum period of 6 years. (Teacher’s Attendance Monitoring System)

The ideal attendance to be achieved by the companies is 96% to 97%. To reduce the incidents of absenteeism new strategies such as Perfect attendance...
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