Street Foods

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Pinoy Street Food

I. Statement of the Problem

The purpose of this study is to know the duties and responsibilities of being a Balut Vendor. To know what are the different aspects in life of a vendor . And to identify the difference between being a Balut Vendor and a Professional Job.

II. Hypothesis

We expect that it is really hard for us to make a hypothesis because there is no scientific basis and there is no need for formal study regarding this matter. Even if it is a Filipino food, not all Filipinos like Balut. In terms of money, itisnot

III. Methodology

We will have a conversation with a balut vendor and ask him/her to let us sell his/her Balut for an hour.

IV. Findings

One man’s poison is another man’s staple food. Most foreigners would balk at eating balut. Heck, there are a lot of Filipinos who don’t even eat balut. Balut is a Filipino delicacy of boiled fertilized duck or chicken egg while the unfertilized egg is called penoy. Come to think of it, nobody sells balut at daytime and certainly nobody seems to be eating it at daytime. Balut is traditionally sold by street vendors at night who shout “Balut! Penoy” in their most modulated voice. They usually wrap the balut in cloth inside a basket to keep it warm. Today’s street hawkers have discovered a more creative way of keeping the balut hot. They use pedicabs installed with a tin can with water heated by a small stove. The steam keeps the balut hot. V. Conclusion

What do we know of balut vendors? We Filipinos hear them most every night repeatedly shouting the name of their product. Known for its "eggsotic" taste, balut has always made a delightful midnight snack for all of us. Thanks to the balut vendors roaming and shouting around town, we would not have to go around looking for them. Talk about quality service and customer satisfaction! We found...
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