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  • Published : May 28, 2011
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1. Explain the environmental factors which Balsara used to its advantage.
Understanding the business environment requires that you understand/ analyse in the context of the following a.It consists of a micro environment and a macro environment. i.Microenvironment factors are:

2. Customers
3. Competitors
4. Marketing Intermediaries
5. Financiers
6. Publics etc.

ii.Macro environment factors are :
1.Legal environment
2.Political/Govt. environment
3.Global environment
4.Technological Environment
5.Socio-Cultural Environment ,
6.Demographic environment etc.
7.Internal Environment :
8.Promoter’s Values
9.Mission / Objectives
10.Management structure
11.Internal Power Relationship
12.Physical Assets and facilities
13.Company Image
14.Human Resources
15.Financial capabilities
16.Technological Capabilities
17.Marketing Capabilities

In the case of Balsara: there was increased demand for products which were herbal, organic etc from the customers. The marketing mix was designed to take advantage of the same whereby it included natural and herbal products and private label brands to customers who were willing to pay for the same.

2. What is the strength of AAII to market ayurvedic toothpaste in USA?

a.AAII strength in marketing Auromere was based on the promise /assurance of quality, purity, value and potency when choosing these products from AAII. b.Main goal of Auromere was to promote optimal health with the highest quality nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbal products available at affordable prices. So, that was the reason Auromere does not compromise on quality of the products and it only buys its ingredients from screened and approved high quality suppliers. Auromere brand focuses on specialty nutritional products, many of which are proprietary formulations that are inventive, authorized and scientifically supported. Auromere products are manufactured in...
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