.Identify the Critical Elements of the Sociological Environment of Business and Analyze the Social Problems and Prospects with the Help of Examples.

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Solution: s The business environment includes the marketplace, yourself and your business partners, and any external factor that may positively or negatively affect the level of your business success. Today we are going to look at three aspects of the environment; transformation, opportunities and obstacles, and two groups of environment handling strategies; consolidation strategies, and exit strategies.

1. The Amount Of Transformation Required To Reach Your Goal

Achieving any goal requires change. It is important when setting business goals to determine the amount of change required. If the change is great it may be better to break the goal down to sub-goals in order to make success more accessible.

Start with the question; why hasn’t the business already attained that goal? This will help determine exactly what needs to be changed as well as the amount of change needed.

It is important to determine how those changes can be accomplished in the current environment by looking at the opportunities and threats in the environment and the strengths and weakness within the business.

2. Opportunities, Strengths And Advantages

Every environment provides opportunities to those who develop the skill of seeing them. Every business has its own strengths and its own advantages over other businesses. The wise business manager can determine the best combination of these opportunities, strengths and advantages and then implement strategies to maximize profit at this point in the environment.

Even in the toughest times, when most businesses are in trouble, there are always some businesses that are prospering. If you develop the skills for assessing opportunities, strengths and advantages and the habit of acting on that assessment by taking appropriate goal directed action, then your business will always be one of those that are prospering.

3. Obstacles, Threats and Limitations

The environment always contains opportunities and it also always contains...
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