Enhancing Busines Thru Research

Topics: Management, Bank AL Habib, Habib Bank Pages: 7 (2015 words) Published: April 26, 2013

A business is never static. their is always room for improvement and to know where and when an organization needs improvement is improvement itself. Many methods are acquired and researches are conducted to find out the areas of improvement. Increasing global competition, the development in the world business has changed thefocus in management from looking only at tangible resource to looking intangible assetsand intellectual capital, which become more important determination for competitive advantage, value creations and wealth of business In additional, the value relevance, reliability, andtimeliness of traditional accounting information reports appear to be declining, and new methods of innovation and technology, better customer relations, better brand image appear. This research attempts at filling the gap between knowledge and making use of knowledge for positive powerful results. It is concerned in examining empirically the methods used by the organization of Bank Al Habib ,their strategic intellectual capital information which they acquire from research, and which attempts them to hold a sustainable position in Pakistan , amongst all its rivals.

The second section provides structural framework for intellectual capital information and research implementations. The third section includes research design, procedure and the fourth describes the results and discussion.

Over recent years, academics and practitioners alike have been taking a growing interest in the evaluation of market research activities. Discussions of the relationship between market research and business performance emphasize a logical link between useful information and good decisions. While many marketers agree with this logic, and think that market research and business performance are positively related, the sole empirical study conducted so far did not confirm this. A possible reason for the lack of confirmation is that different types of market research have different effects on business performance. This study tested two hypotheses: that the type of research makes no difference to the usefulness of research projects as evaluated by the managers; and that business performance is unaffected by the type of research companies predominantly employ. Two substantive issues arise from these assessments: the classification of projects, and of companies, into types, and the evaluation, by type, of usefulness and business performance. Market research projects conducted by the surveyed companies, were classified as "decision research" or "background research", based on the purpose for which each project was undertaken and how it was used. The companies were then classified on the basis of the type of research they predominantly commissioned. The assessment of usefulness indicated that background research is carried out much more often than decision research, yet is regarded as less useful by managers. The assessment of company performance suggested that companies carrying out more decision research perform better than those that place more emphasis on background research. This evidence, if replicated, would justify a re-orientation from background research to decision research.

Research can enable organizations to improve their inventory management, strengthen their marketing and communications strategies and develop their internal business processes. Whether you're a one-person operation or 100 employee company, the name of the game is improvement. No business is static. Your business is on an upward track or on its way down. Making improvements to make your business better is a conscious choice. While the market seems eager to grasp onto the phrase “risk intelligence,” it means nothing if corporations cannot take action on the intelligence it provides IMPACT ON BUSINESS STRATEGY

Organizations suffer from both internal and external risk. Geopolitical, financial and...
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