Strategic Planning

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  • Published: June 16, 2013
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CASE: Memory Joggers
These items may or may not have specific bearing on your case. Part 1
* Mission
* Values that drive the mission
* Business plans and objectives that supports the mission * Company Culture
* Ethics..what is this? Ethics: policy..procedures..what should they be? * Organizational Competitive Strategy
* Consider the strategy also from a strategic choice standpoint see your textbook

Part 2
HR Planning
* Thoroughly discuss key issues and problems with HR Planning * How do the key issues relate back to HR and the Mission * Develop and recommend a strategic plan that will address the key issues and solve their problems. This plan must support the mission and explain how it does. * Develop an HR plan to support the mission and company business plan. How does it support each? * Develop an HR Effectiveness Index/HR Scoreboard that measures HR performance on key factors that support your mission/key issues (productivity measures, quality measures (give examples), cost per person train, select, develop, etc, measures of training outcome effectiveness, selection standards, overall labor/compensation costs, morale measures (such as job satisfaction and/or turnover), number of grievances/lawsuits, etc. * Develop a method to forecast future manpower needs (under HR Planning in the text). Where is the labor pool coming from? * Other topics to discuss: HRIS, Replacement Charts, Skill Banks, Job Design and Characteristics Model (explain), HR as a profit center, Outsourcing (benefits, training, etc) * What is the current culture? How should it be changed or maintain based on research and theory? * What is the present leadership style? Is it effective? What should it be changed to and why based on theory and research?

* Thoroughly discuss key issues/problems that face the company in regards to staffing. * Discuss how the key issues relate to HR
* Discuss how to set up a...
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