Case Study Natural Knibbles

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Human resources Pages: 3 (997 words) Published: May 12, 2011
Case study 1 – Ralf Pierson (12495986)

1. Question: What HR issues and challenges would need to be addressed by Natural Knibbles? Answer: In order to successfully complete the transition Natural Knibbles is going to make, HR managers have to ensure that the stuff is supported during the whole process of transition. It is crucial to maintain the familiar atmosphere and inform the employees formal about the new strategy before rumors are created. This point is essential in order to make sure that the employees fully back the altered strategies. By standing up for the new plans the unity of the company and its consistent thinking is maintained which is crucial for the success of a company. Furthermore an HR plan about the demand and supply of internal and external human resources has to be developed on the basis of the altered company’s strategy. This includes advanced training program, which should be developed and discussed with the employees since most likely new procedures regarding to novel equipment will be introduced and has to be trained and supported under management of the HR managers. It is worth to mention that training should not demand too much during a short period of time. Again, the acceptance and maintaining of the motivated atmosphere should be seen as a valuable asset. Furthermore legal obligations have to be met by the company with regard to the transition with regard to agreements between the employer and employee. An advantage is the fact that employees are already highly flexible as described in the company information. This fact should facilitate the transformation process (Jackson, Schuler, & Werner, 2008). Furthermore a HR plan has to be developed which meets the new organization’s strategic business objectives.

2. Question: Describe the steps that Natural Knibbles would need to take to develop an effective HR plan. Answer: The main goal of the HR plan is to reliable forecast human resources needs in the future in order...
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