Strategic Corporate Communication in Vodacom

Topics: Public relations, Strategic planning, Strategic management Pages: 9 (2663 words) Published: May 22, 2011

Strategic Corporate Communication is communication that happens in a corporation e.g. business, company, shop or group of companies. It is about laying a plan to reach the intended objectives of the company. Let say if the company needs to make profits it should have its strategic plan to reach that goal. On the other hand, those strategic plans must involve internal and external public. Mainly Strategic Corporate Communication is supported by a detailed research plan.

Corporate communication is now making its entrance in Tanzania though it claims historical links to the field of Public Relations. The core functions of corporate communications are more similar to those of Public Relations though they differ a bit. This paper is going to examine the Vodacom Tanzania company, to see how they implement Strategic corporate communication techniques and make the company the so successful in mobile communication industry in the country. The study also is interested to know how Vodacom communicates with its employees, the external audiences and other stake holders.

The field of corporate communication has developed to a large extent since its first inception in the mid-90s. Corporate communication began as what many of us recognize as Public Relations (PR). The function of earlier PR departments was focused on preventing media from getting too close to management. Argenti argues that “the first PR professional were asked to protect the company from bad publicity, often by ‘spinning’ damaging news in a positive light.” This idea became popular through the 1960s, however, organizations soon found that external communication was not the only solution to their communication problems. Argenti, J.F. (2002)

Strategic Corporate Communication refers to communicating a concept, a process, or data that satisfies a long term strategic goal of an organization. It is communication that happens in a corporation. It is about laying a plan so that to reach the intended objectives of the company.

In fact, Corporate Communication is a managerial position which is involves managing and coordinating all internal and external communications. It deals with the dissemination of information by a variety of specialists in an organization, with the common goal of enhancing the organization's ability to retain its license to operate.

Strategic Corporate Communication can do a lot for an organization. It is a new way for an organization to respond to a changed business landscape that results from today's networked communication environment. Strategic Corporate Communication helps to build organization image, combining its vision, mission and values and supports the organization by communicating them to all of its stakeholders; to mobilize internal and external support behind corporate objectives; to develop plans that will minimize differences between the organization's desired identity and brand features. Argenti, J.F. (2002)

Like in most countries in Africa; in Tanzania, Corporate communication is making its entrance though I can say in a slower pace. A number of local organizations still embrace the Public Relations traditions. The forces behind this transformation from Public Relations to Corporate communications has its base in globalization whereby regional economies, societies, and cultures have been included in a global network of political ideas through communication, transportation, and trade. The mixing of national economies into the international economy through trade, foreign direct investment and the spread of technology has changed the world of business in so many ways.

Companies have to manage their communications to the employees and the publics, Industries have to advertise their products so that to face increased competition. The need to employ corporate communication personnel in their businesses was not an option.

This paper is going to examine the role of strategic corporate...
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