Story: the Conclusion

Topics: Kill, 2007 singles, A Good Day Pages: 4 (1220 words) Published: December 9, 2012
There was no other option; he would have to kill her. She owed her life to him anyway, how fitting that her end should come at his bidding. He would have to work out who should actually do the deed of course, that would be a necessary evil. Martin massaged his temples very carefully. So as not to kill himself like he did, but then again he did that often did when he was deep in thought, as though he was coaxing the needed clarity from his cluttered mind. Who would do this thing for him? Would he do it himself or get someone to do it for him?

Standing abruptly, Martin pulled a cigarette from a crumpled pack and shuffled over to his office window. The view was bleak, as grey clouds rolled in from over the ocean. 'A good day to plan a murder', Martin thought blackly, smiling to himself in awe. As he lit up, he thought back to a very heated conversation with his best friend Lister Crown. He had brought up his intentions at dinner. “Well what’d you have to say regarding Eve’s murder?” he said slyly, rubbing his two dusky hands against each other, with a faint smile. “Are you crazy?” he spluttered out in anguish.

“Have you not any idea what this girl has done for you?” “What good has she done for me, anyway? She has become a vehicle for my triumphs.” “Don’t you see killing someone like Eve is not only callous but absolutely pointless? We have come to know her intimately over the course of many years. And she is ONE OF THE MAJOR REASONS TO YOUR LADDER OF SUCCESS!” he bellowed, with puffy swollen eyes. Crown had vehemently opposed him. Lister knew that Martin dealt with such matters every day. They had always been close as they operated in similar circles. Lister Crown didn't take such decisions lightly, however, and that's what made Martin's dark objective that much harder for Lister Crown to swallow.

Martin stubbed his cigarette out in the crystal ashtray that his wife; Saffron, had given him for his fortieth birthday. He wouldn't tell her of his plans, not...
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