Dystopian Writing Piece

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Dystopian Creative Writing Piece


I am awake. I have no idea what time it is, but it’s light outside. I sit up in bed, I try to move my arms but I can’t, what’s going on? I try to move my legs but I can only move them so far. I look down and I see I have a tight blue cloth suit on that restricts my movement severely and that my legs are chained to the bed posts. I try to see what I look around the dark and dingy room, hardly a room in fact, more like a box with a bed and me.

My thoughts are invaded by the sound of heels coming down the hallway and I begin to panic and think to myself “Is she coming for me?” or “Is she coming for someone else” but I try and calm myself and show that I am not afraid, when inside I am terrified. The heels continue down the hall and I harden myself then they stop, I think they are outside my door. “Open this one” boomed the voice softly; I’d recognise the voice anywhere, it’s the Madame.

The Crony’s obey and begin undoing the locks on the door, I hear the clanging and the chinking of multiple locks and chains, how badly do they want to keep me in here? The door slowly begins to open and the Madame struts in and raises her hand to tell the guards to close the door and leave her.

“Well well, well... What have we here?” she sniggers “A poor little Gigolo trying to lead an itsy-bitsy resistance?” I turn my head to face the wall trying to ignore her. “LOOK AT ME!” She shrieks stomping towards me and grabbing my head and making me face her, she puts her face up against mine. “I going to make sure every little worm like you ceases to exist, you men have bossed women and controlled us for long enough, I think it’s fair to say we deserve a little payback, don’t you?” She winks slyly, a small grin forming on her lips.

“The resistance will get you and your Crony’s, the sick operation you’re running here will be brought to an end!!” I hiss at her, making sure I spit when I talk. “Oh really?” She gets a sadistic grin on...
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