Narrative Rough Draft

Topics: Friendship, Tooth & Nail Records, Bass guitar Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: October 15, 2008
Narrative Paper
As many know, I am really into music. My favorite bands are; Project 86, Family Force 5, Emery, and Underoath. I’ve actually talked to most of these band’s members by the time I graduated high school. The only ones I haven’t talked to are the members of Project 86, but that changed over the summer and what happened when I met them changed my life.

It was a Living Sacrifice reunion concert in Cleveland and project 86 was there so I went to see them. Over the summer my life consisted of big ups and downs. This was a downer wek, I couldn’t hang out with my cousin because he was busy with his fiancée and then I couldn’t afford my favorite game. I watched them play and got really excited to see that there was a table they would sit at to give autographs out to the public. I waited in line for an hour and they left when I was third away. Needless to say, I stormed out extremely irritable. As I headed towards the car, a man that looked like the vocalist I so highly held respect for said, “Hey, can you tell me the best restaurant around here?”

“Yeah, I actually can’t remember then name it escapes me but I’ll show you how to get there, we are going there anyways.” I stumbled across that one answer
“Cool Bro. I’ll drive and you drive in front of us, lead the way…uh I never got your name”
“Rob, Rob Branscome”
“Cool, are you related to Amy Branscome?”
“Yeah she’s my second cousin.”
“Cool we've been good friends since before I left Meadville when I was ten. Well I should get us going…the band is starving…show us the way Branscome.”
“Alright see you there”
At that point I couldn’t even breathe, he knew my family, how in the world? So we ended up at the restaurant, I cannot recall the name, but it was a steakhouse type place. This is where the most amazing thing happened. We talked about everything from life to music to music being someone’s life. He said something that made me feel incredible. He said, “Rob listen, I want you guys to keep...
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