Twins Questions

Topics: Fiction, Narrative, The Reader Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: December 18, 2012
“Twins” – Eric Wright p. 213

1. Wright provides his readers with clues in the following ways: • the tension between husband and wife as revealed through their dialogue • the title and the mention of the similar appearance and clothing of the husband and wife • the wife’s suspicions (“but this time she had come because she needed to know what was on his mind”) • the lack of interest on the part of the husband in how the detective will solve the crime, and the fact that he is more interested in the plot workings than the characters (“This isn’t the way you usually work . . .”) • foreshadowing in the description of the setting sun

2. Is this the perfect crime?
Possible weaknesses – someone may have seen their vehicle and them, wife may slip up at some point, body may be found with some evidence,. . .

3. “In medias res” – in the middle of things
This technique drops the reader immediately into the middle of a conversation. This piques the reader’s interest, creating the desire to find out what happened before. The writer can work in information about the setting and other background information as the story continues. Sometimes this technique can be confusing.

4. Style –
First part – almost entirely dialogue; therefore the author does not take on an omniscient point of view and see too much; rather he can plant clues through the dialogue.

Second part- There is only one character left, therefore dialogue is not possible; the third person omniscient narrator can get into the head of the murderer and we can see how the plan did not work for the husband.
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