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MBA 511
Technology Innovation
Term Project

Hybrid Revolution
Why HEVs? Why Toyota?

Hao Li, 107484928
Yunsheng Shen, 108799860

1.1 What is hybrid and how does it work?
Hybrid is a kind of technology that applies to vehicles which enables them to use two or more distinct power sources to move the vehicles. As a branch of hybrid vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) are more advanced which combines a conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric system. As HEV is the major focus of our hybrid revolution studying project, we should first take a look into the operating principle of it. In general, HEV combines the benefits of gasoline engines and electric motors to provide improved fuel energy. Let me explain it in a simple way, when you are driving a HEV, the gasoline engine provides most of the vehicle’s power, and the electric motor provides additional power while you are accelerating and passing which allows a smaller, more efficient engine to be used. One important reason for HEVs consuming less fuel is that the power for the electric motor is generated from regenerative braking and gasoline engines, so HEVs don’t have to be recharged in an electrical outlet. This means a lot, because the energy for electric motors can be regenerated. Additionally, if an HEV is stopped, such as at a red light, the gasoline engine and electric motor shut off automatically so that the energy may not be wasted in idling. However, the battery energy which converted and stored from electric motor could continue to power auxiliary system when a HEV is stopped, such as air conditioning and dashboard displays. 1.2 How do hybrid cars benefit consumers?

Now as we already got some knowledge about how hybrid cars work and the advantages of it, we should take a deep look to see how the new ways of hybrid cars benefit consumers.

In the case of 2013 Cadillac Escalade hybrid and non-hybrid version, the price of hybrid one is $2,175 more than non-hybrid’s. But the estimated fuel savings with hybrid one than non-hybrid’s has clearly showed that the weekly, monthly, and yearly savings are $19.10, $82.75 and $993 respectively. Furthermore, if we take the government eco-friendly reimburse policy into consideration, we can get the result that the consumer of hybrid cars could save $993×(5-2.8)+3400=$5584. Besides, money isn’t the only thing that consumers could save, time, is also an valuable resource which could be saved if the consumer chooses the hybrid version over the non-hybrid ones. Let’s suppose we need to refuel our cars twice a month, needs 20 minutes each time, we could save 2x12x20x5/60/4 =10 hrs in 5 years. What can we do with 10 more hours and $5584? Well, I think that’s the most direct way to show how hybrid cars would benefit its consumers. 1.3 How do hybrid cars benefit society?

To environment, as hybrid cars combine the power generated from gasoline engine and electric motor, they consume less gasoline. Consequently, they would produce less waste gas than non-hybrid cars, which could contribute to better air quality. Furthermore, it would relieve the critical situation of global warming if more and more gasoline motor cars could be replaced by hybrid cars. In the health aspect of human-beings, hybrid cars are also a significant improvement because they generate less waste gas which is harmful to people. Besides, hybrid cars run more quietly, which means noise pollution could be reduced. If we walk in a downtown street and suddenly realize there are much less annoying car noise than old days, that would be so perfect I think. In the world resource aspect, hybrid cars do great contribution as well. As everyone knows, gasoline is nonrenewable resource which means they would finally be used up all around world someday in the future. Thanks to hybrid cars, the pinch of gasoline resource could be relieved. As more and more technology...
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