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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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People always say to never trust Wikipedia or that Wikipedia is always a bad site to get information from, but in my opinion I think that Wikipedia is actually a good source to get your information off of. I have never seen any wrong information on Wikipedia. The only thing that you really need to do is to have a little bit of knowledge of that particular subject on which you are researching upon because you may need to double check Wikipedia in case it is wrong. There are many things that have impacted technology in one way or another. Hybrid technology is the one thing that still keeps this earth moving because it is actually better than buying regular vehicles and some of these hybrids do not even cost as much as you think it would cost. Wikipedia explains all of this information in the article in further detail. There is a lot of information that this article provides about hybrid cars and their advancement in technology these days. When you open up to the website page you will see in the introduction paragraph that they explain what a hybrid vehicle is and what the difference is from a regular vehicle. With the introduction they have a column where they tell you the different types of hybrid powers like coal, solar, wind, electricity, etc. This can help when you are trying to explore this subject and you don’t know a specific definition or you just simply don’t know what a hybrid vehicle is. They have pictures on the right-hand side of the article which will also help you identify the different hybrid vehicles we use in today’s society. I think all this information is very helpful because for users it is easier to navigate through the web page. It makes it really organized also, so for each web page it is the same concept. I think that this article on Wikipedia is organized very well to my expectations. The Wikipedia page has all of the pictures and graphs on the right hand side which makes it easier to spot rather than having them hidden in the text. They...