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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Verifying Differences Between Athletes’ Heart Rates And Non-Athletes’ Heart Rates By Using Step Test
Different people have different heart rates because of many reasons such as health condition, smoking, working out, among others. This step test is used to compare and figure out the differences between athletes’ heart rates and non-athletes’ heart rates before and after the test. Kuno Hottenrott stated that the normal average heart rate of people ranges from 40 to 100 beats per minute. However, the average heart rate of athletes usually ranges from 40 to 60 beats, which is much lower (Kuno Hottenrott 8). So, the result is forecasted that athletes have lower heart rates than non-athletes because athletes’ hearts have been trained along with their muscles, arms, legs to adopt to required physical challenges. Their practice exercises trained their hearts’ function which is pumping blood through their bodies (Joe Friel 6). So it is impossible to have a hypothesis that there is a difference in the effect of step test exercise on the pulse rate of athletes and non-athletes. Method and Materials:

On 30/08/2012, NSCI 112 – Human Biology class did a step test to verify if there is a difference in the effect of step test exercise on the pulse rate of athletes and non-athletes. A stopwatch and paper were required to do the test. Students were divided into six groups with four members in one group. Each group picked one athlete and one non-athlete to do the step test. Two other members in each group watched the time and recorded the data. First, heart rate in one minute of athletes and non-athletes were recorded before the test by putting their own fingers on their wrist or neck and counting pulse rate for 15 second. The results multiplied by four to get the pulse rate per minute. Then, all athletes of six groups stepped up and stepped down on a 12-inch stair for three minutes at the same time and same speed. Next, all athletes’ heart rates in one minute...
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